Thursday, 23 June 2016

Cover for week of 4th July

Cover for week commencing 4th July:

Hi all,

Sorry I can't be with you again. These lessons are based upon completion of controlled assessment practical write ups which you have all started.

Chromebooks have been booked- please share any work you need me to print and I will do this on Monday.

Starter: Complete the Practical Write Up checklist sheet to show how you are progressing towards your 6 practical write up pages. (provided at the front of the room!)

Instructions for lesson:

You need to continue towards completion of the 6 practical write ups (which need to be completed before the end of term) and you will begin to lose lessons due to mock exams as well. You have two weeks left or 6 lessons.

Template page
Powerpoint to help

If you finish these write ups then you need to move into the select and reject section (click here for powerpoint)

At the start of next week I will be looking at your checklists and pulling people in during their own time to ensure we meet the deadline of Friday 15th July.

See you next week

Mr C

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Year 10 Mock Exam- Friday 1st July

Hi all,

Below is the PowerPoint which should help with your revision for the food technology exam on Friday 1st July.

Click here for Revision heaven!

Equipment you need to bring for the exam:
Pen (+spare)
Coloured pencils

Good luck all

Mr Coggins & Mrs Button

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Cover Work

Hi all,

I am sorry that I can't make your lesson today but trust that you will be respectful and work on your controlled assessment in my absence- especially as we are running a bit behind where I would like to be!

Tasks for today:
  • Firstly you will need to copy this template three times (one for each of your practicals)- give the document a title of each document the name of the food product and your name e.g. Lemon Meringue Pie (Mr Coggins), Cheesecake (Mrs Button) etc. Please make sure you copy it- File.make a copy>rename it.
  • You will then need to copy and paste your practical pictures (which I have shared with you) and can be found here. across to the document and place in the box that says “Image of food product”
  • You should then fill in the ingredients list for each of the products. This should include every ingredient including water, salt, etc. You will need to leave cost and standard components as we will do these later on.
  • You should then complete the functions of ingredients part using the textbook to help. This is the minimum of where I expect you to complete by the end of the two hours. Please use key-words from the key word display as much as example is below:

Standard Component?
Strong Bread flour

Has a high gluten content which when mixed with water creates a stretchy and elastic dough. Dextrinisation occurs when starch is heated.

Helps the bread rise by creating carbon dioxide through fermentation.

  • If you finish this they should then complete the MESS issues box. Use their design ideas box to help them complete this!
  • If this is completed then you should complete the evaluation at the bottom of the page. The powerpoint to help has been shared with them and is on my Blog.
  • My year 10 blog has all of this information and links to help on as well!

Have a good weekend and I will see you on Wednesday for our next practical!


Mr C
Copy of Template-

Photo Gallery:

Practical Write up Pages Powerpoint:

Friday, 10 July 2015

Year 10 Cover Work- Week Commencing 13th July

Hi all,

You are all aware that by the end of this week (Friday 17th July)  you need to have completed all 6 practical write-ups and all corrections to the design ideas, research and design criteria. Any work you edit needs to be re-sent/shared with me via email and I will print and place these into your folders during the holidays- any work missing- I will hunt you down in September:-)

Powerpoints/Resources to help:

Those who have finished should either:
1) Complete a select and reject (page 2x A4 or 1x A3)- Powerpoint to help can be found here
2) Using the AQA textbook try to include some of the keywords and temperatures in your practical write ups.e.g. gelatinisation, caramelisation, bulking agent, fermentation, coagulation at 60 (egg white), 65 (egg yolk), 70 (full egg coagulation). You may also want to talk about the use of standard components in your evaluations (Page 56-57) of the text-book, and quality control (P84-85)

Super Extension for those who have done all of these things (may be one or two!!)
3) Have a go at the development plan (1 side of A4)- Do not worry about the first part of the powerpoint which is about Product Specification- I will explain this in September as it can be a bit complicated!! Powerpoint can be found here 

Hope you all have an amazing summer holiday- recharge your batteries and come back in September ready for the big push to get your coursework done by xmas....we are over half way there!!

Mr Coggins

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Year 10 Mock Exam

Hi all,

These documents are to help with your revision for Year 10 Mock exam on Wed 1st July:

Year 11 Mock Exam Revision Powerpoint


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Design Criteria Lesson Thursday 12th March

Design Criteria are a list of points that your product should meet and should reflect the information you found out in your research. This can sometimes be called a Design Specification (but it means the same thing!!)

Here are a few resources to help you write your Design Criteria:

Extra Information
BBC Bitesize Page